ESF La GiettazTips for parents

For a great holiday!

Equip your child properly . Anorak, hat or cap, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues
  helmet is strongly recommended for children on the slopes.
  Provide a snack
You let instructors to decide possible change of class .
Your child is on vacation and the goal is that it has to do fun and want to come back, then respect her rhythm ..
equipment is not provided in our services.
  No sticks until the first star.
When shopping online, the course cards are not sent by mail . You receive a confirmation email which is validation of registration
  The ski lift passes and insurance are not included

ESF La GiettazInitially lesson

For a great holiday!

Being equipped with the card or ticket before reporting to a group class or private lessons.
Display or reset the monitor at the beginning of each course the card or ticket for the day and time.
Report to the time to different gathering places. Being equipped with a ski pass for the courses.
The ESF accept any liability for property or personal accidents that may occur to students. Weather conditions, failure of mechanical or other accidents lifts can not be attributable to the monitors.