Adult beginners look no further!

Even after your first day with us, you will feel far more comfortable and less nervous. We build your confidence gradually by starting on nice flat slopes. We will perfect your slides and stopping techniques and progress at your pace and your ability. The aim is for you to feel confident and enjoy the experience, as well as making sure you progress to the bigger slopes and lifts.

We have really friendly group lessons, where you can begin with others, who are all experiencing the same nerves and we can all share the great feelings of progress. You will be surprised at just what you can accomplish together.

Or if you lack the confidence in a group or would just prefer a more one to one approach, we offer private lessons to really kick start that learning process.

Cours ski Débutant Adultes Ecole du ski Francais (ESF) La Giettaz


3 days - 2h /day - From Sunday to Tuesday € 81 Réservez au guichet

The course is taught for a minimum of 4 enrolled . If this is not the case , we reserve the right to either group levels, or to reduce their duration , or turn them into private lessons


Christmas holidays and February
(Sunday to Tuesday)
MORNING : 10:00 to 12:00